Fried Rice Seafood

Fried Rice Seafood - It has been widely known in various countries, especially Asian and Chinese countries. What distinguishes among these countries is the recipe for their spices.

The Menu of Fried Rice Seafood has the same standard in almost all places, namely using a mixed kitchen seasoning, sweet soy sauce, eggs, and vegetables. Especially for this time, fried rice is given a new side dish such as seafood, so-called Fried Rice Seafood. This seafood fried rice can also be a filling option of food. It was delicious.

Here's how to make a useful and practical fried rice seafood:


  • Rice-2 plates/500 grams
  • River prawns peeled skin-150 grams
  • Squid, cut rings-100 grams Scallion-2 Rods
  • Onion, transverse slice-1 piece
  • Sweet soy sauce-2 tbsp
  • Tomato sauce-2 tbsp
  • Fish sauce-2 tbsp
  • Powdered pepper-1 tsp
  • Cooking oil-2 tbsp
  • Margarine-1 tbsp
  • Egg, beaten-1 item
  • Powdered broth-1 tsp

Delicate Spices:

  • Garlic – 4 cloves
  • Shallot-3 pieces
  • Big Red chili-1 piece
  • Salt-1 tsp


  • Crackers-to taste
  • Tomato fruit, sliced-taste
  • Pickled-taste 

Steps to make it:

  • Heat oil, enter margarine, stir until melted. Add onion and fine seasoning, stir-fry until fragrant. 
  • Put the prawns and squid, stir until you change the reddish color, set aside on the side of the frying pan. 
  • Add the leeks and eggs, scrambled until cooked, then mix into one with shrimp and squid. 
  • Stir rice, sweet soy sauce, fish sauce, tomato sauce, pepper, and broth powder.
  • Stir all until evenly blended and cooked. Lift. 
  • Use small fire medium, so that rice is not easy to burn and serve immediately after cooked fried rice.

Fried Rice Seafood ready to serve, good luck!!!


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