Delicious Fried Rice With Egg

FRIED RICE WITH EGG - Who does not know fried rice? These favorite Asian foods are so familiar in the ears as well as on the tongue. Not least of foreign tourists who visit Asia also try Fried Rice with a variety of variant's tastes. Still Remember that this one food became the favorite food of Barack Obama, the former president of the United States.

Fried Rice is one of the fastest choices of dishes that the housewives can do when they hurry to make the cuisine for his family. It's no wonder that how to make this simple Fried Rice is an excellent choice for a career woman to have breakfast due to its ease. Not only for homemakers but cheap food and also quickly served, this could be a practical choice for the child's cost. Or for those of you who do not have enough money and also want to cook yourself.

The fried rice with an egg menu for breakfast does not need any particular skills or a long time to make it. Not only during morning meals, but fried rice can also be served at dinner.   Fried Rice also has a variety of variations, as well as how to make seasoning Fried Rice. The differences you meet today because the ingredients used depends on the condition of the local people. In Indonesia itself, there are various general variations of nasi goreng such as Javanese fried rice, white fried rice, plain fried rice, and also many more. Additional Menu served for fried rice is also varied. There are those served with eggs or fried rice wrapped with omelet eggs. So also there serve with sausages. You can cook fried rice according to your tastes and creations.

Making this fried rice is quite easy, and you can make yourself at home. Moreover, if you want fried rice with an egg that delicious, it is not so complicated. Curious?

Here's how to make fried rice with egg: 


• 2 plates of white rice that have cooled 
• 2 eggs, Chicken Cooking oil (to taste) 
• 1 Tomato (six-piece)  

Delicate herbs: 

• 5 cloves shallot 
• 3 cloves garlic 
• 11 Pieces of cayenne pepper 
• Salt (to taste) 
• Sugar (to taste) 
• Chicken broth powder (to taste, if like) 

Steps to make it: 

1. Cook scrambled chicken eggs until cooked, set aside briefly at the edge of the frying pan. Reduce heat. 
2. Stir fry seasoning that has been mashed until fragrant. 3. Add the tomato fruit, cook, until wilted. 
3. Stir together the egg until all the ingredients are well blended. 
4. Put the rice into the seasoning and egg, stir. Cook fried rice with medium heat while continuing to stir. 
5. Flavour correction, add salt or chicken broth powder if the taste of fried rice is less salty. 
6. Immediately remove the cooked, fried rice, serve while still warm with shrimp and pickled crackers.

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