Fried Rice With Chili Shrimp Paste Recipe

Fried Rice With Shrimp (Chili Shrimp Paste) - One of the favourite food of the former US president, Barack Obama, is fried rice. Who is thought, this fried rice is already famous as a local culinary of Indonesia. Fried Rice itself is influenced by the culinary culture brought by Chinese nomads in the past. The nomads are creating a dish of fried rice because they do not like cold food. So, the rice that has been cold processed again to warm by the way made so fried rice. The spices used in Fried Rice are varied, depending on their area.

But over time, Fried Rice in Indonesia has its prescription standard with sweet soy sauce, spice mixture, meat, and vegetables. The innovation of Fried Rice is also growing, ranging from cheese, butter, to Chili Shrimp Paste. It feels like no doubt because it is more delicious with many seasonings used.

Here's how to make a useful and practical Fried Rice With Shrimp (Chili Shrimp Paste):

Ingredients (2 servings) Fried Rice With Chili Shrimp Paste:

• Rice-350 grams (1 plate)
• Garlic, chopped-3 cloves
• Small onion, finely chopped-1/2 pieces
• Eggs, beaten-2 grains
• Big red chilies, sliced slices-1 piece
• Green chilies, sliced slices-1 piece
• Scallion, sliced-1 rod
• Sweet soy sauce-1 tsp
• Fish sauce-1.5 tbsp
• Chili shrimp paste, burn and puree-1/2 tsp
• Salt-1 tsp
• Powdered Pepper-1/4 tsp
• Granulated sugar-1/2 tsp
• Oil for frying-3 tbsp

Steps to make it:

1. Heat oil, sauteed garlic, onion, and Chili Shrimp Paste until fragrant. Set aside to the edge of a frying pan.
2. Pour the egg, stir well until it becomes scrambled.
3. Enter red chilli and green chillies. Stir until blended.
4. Add white rice, sweet soy sauce, fish sauce, salt, sugar, and pepper powder. Stir until blended and cook until cooked. Adjust the taste.
5. Before lifting, enter the spring onions. Stir briefly.
6. Lift and immediately serve warmly.
7. If you want to colour the fried rice, more brownish can be added to sweet soy sauce.


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