MAKING FRIED RICE HEALTHIER AND  DELICIOUS - I was most unresistant with fried Rice. The reason is that this rice dish is suitable for any time and also mixed with any ingredient. From vegetable fried Rice to goat fried Rice, everything was a success tempting me to make it in the kitchen immediately.

But even so, we also have to pay attention to the process of cooking. Especially if you are a rice diet, it was a doubt, and miss eats the delicious fried Rice. Not to be confused because fried Rice also has a healthy version. As long as the consumption is still within reasonable limits, we can still make Fried Rice Healthier and keep it delicious. Curious? Check out these tips on this one, yes!

Here's 5 Tips Making Fried Rice Healthier and Delicious:

1. Use Yesterday Rice That is Lower in Calories

It's not a secret to use cold Rice or Rice yesterday, making fried Rice tasted more delicious. The bonus points, rice yesterday, has lower calories, you know! There is a change of content composition on Rice yesterday, even a healthy body. Rice yesterday could lower the calorie capacity in the body by up to 60%. Great, right?

For healthier, give one teaspoon of coconut oil while cooking Rice. Keep the Rice in the refrigerator for one night up to 12 hours. Remember, Rice should be stored at very low temperatures in airtight containers. If put in room temperature, Rice can be contaminated bacteria and make it quickly stale.

2. Choose Oil from Butter or Margarine

Butter and margarine do give flavor to the fried Rice. But if you want to be healthier, still use cooking oil to stir-fry, yes. Butter and margarine have higher calories and fats than conventional cooking oils. Not to mention the carbohydrate substance in Rice and other extra ingredients, it will cause the coloration to increase. But although it is recommended to use cooking oil, it also restricts its use so not too much. The selection can use any kind of cooking oil, the origin to make sure the quality is new.

3. Change the Wok-Style Fried Rice Seller With Anti-Sticky Wok

Because we will wear a little oil, choose an anti-sticky frying pan to cook the fried Rice. Usually, the brother of the fried Rice with a frying pan wok from aluminium or iron with more evenly heat. However, the wok frying pan requires a lot of oil so that the fried Rice is not fast drying and rubbing.

Oh Yes, wear Sutil from wood or silicon to avoid scratching the surface of the anti-sticky pans. The scratched pan of the aluminium can precisely be damaged and less well used for cooking.

4. Minimize Flavor Flavoring, Add Fresh Herbs

If you are accustomed to using the seasoning of instant fried Rice or flavoring like MSG, let's start trying to use more fresh herbs. Although you have to cut or slice the spices first, the natural flavors of fresh herbs are guaranteed to be more delicious and healthy. Use onion, garlic, onion, and chili as the primary seasoning of fried Rice. You can add other fresh seasonings such as turmeric, candlenut, galangal, cumin, citrus leaves, scallion, shrimp, to the shrimp to make it more flavourful and flavored.
So that the fried rice flavor is more savory, make sure you stir it until cooked and fragrant. You can also knead the marinade to absorb the Rice further.

5. Add Protein and Fresh Vegetables to Taste

Fried Rice is already delicious, but it will be more steady if plus a variety of proteins and vegetables. Choose fresh protein and vegetables from ready-to-food like sausages, corned beef, and frozen vegetables. In addition to the more flavored, protein and fresh vegetables are certainly healthier and nutritious. For protein, you can use eggs, cuts of meat, salted fish, fresh fish, and seafood, while the wings can be used vegetable leaves, carrots, and peas.

Notice the order of inserting the ingredient also, yes. After the delicate herbs or spices stir-fried until fragrant, enter the first protein such as eggs, meat, and others. Afterward, stir in vegetables with a hard texture like carrots and petai. Carrots can be cut into small pieces first to be cooked faster. Stir several times and then insert vegetable leaves such as spinach or mustard. Vegetable leaves have a soft texture like vegetables, so that should be inserted approximately 2-3 minutes before the stove is turned off so as not to wither and blackened. Stir briefly and lastly, enter the Rice and seasonings such as salt, soy sauce, and pepper.


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