Tips Cooking Fried Rice

How Cook Fried Rice- Who would agree with the assumption that fried rice is the ideal menu for breakfast? But for most people it is most often to make fried rice as a rescue hungry at night, even early morning. Well, it cannot be denied, we can find fried rice anytime and anywhere, including in your kitchen. In other words, it can be cooked instantly because the ingredients are simple and easy to create.

This article will share tips on cooking fried rice. Considering almost everyone, men-women, teenagers-adults-old people, can certainly or often present a menu of this one. The recipe is simple and can be made at will, and it can even adjust to the ingredients in the kitchen. But with some tips on the following, the fried rice is simple, though, and it will be more delicious than usual!

Here's 4 Tips How Cook Fried Rice more Delicious:

1. White Rice

Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_rice
Want to know why fried rice served in the hotel is good? Besides, because they always serve it fresh aka cooked when new in-order, apparently they use a special kind of white rice! Unlike the white rice used for other dishes, they always prepare cooked white rice, especially for fried rice. The white rice is textured. So that, when fried, the rice will not be mushy and stick with each other.

Well, make friends at home, don't have to be as complicated as that. You just used the remaining white rice yesterday. Or you can also enter the white rice you want to fry, into the refrigerator and leave at least 1-2 hours (can be overnight) before being executed. Curious with the result, immediately try. I hope it feels like a chef in the hotel.

2. Seasoning

Seasoning is not able to be imposed because the fried rice that is often presented in the house is usually the food emergency, aka the saving effort of white rice leftovers yesterday. Who is this often? One time, some of us would also want to present different specialties, as well as training skills in the kitchen. Well, the following tips can be tried for you who want to show different.

Two types of main fried rice are Javanese fried rice and Chinese fried rice (oriental). Both use different seasonings to produce the specificity of each. In addition to sweet soy sauce and a must-use sambal sauce, Javanese fried rice usually uses shrimp, and candlenut to create a distinctive flavor.

While Oriental fried rice combines seasoned from various sauces such as oyster sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, and sesame oil so that the taste is unique and lighter in color, but nowadays, many also combine both in terms of seasoning use. So you want to present the style? Both good!

3. Cooking Techniques (Stove Fire)

Another secret is why fried rice is sold outdoors (hotel, restaurant, or street five). It is more delicious that is located on the type of stove used. It has become a general condition that the oven used is a high-pressure stove, so the cooking process will be faster and perfectly cooked, and still retain the original texture of the food. You look at the Brothers Fried Rice subscription, the stove has a huge flame and quite noisy if it is lit, well, that's what is called a high-pressure cooker, already understand now?

For homemakers, there is a recipe too. First, use a large skillet with handles, such as HAN Wok Stainless Steel, so that the whole rice can be mixed with spices evenly. After saturating the fried rice seasoning until cooked, reduce your stove fire, and enter the white rice. Stir until the seasoning and rice are mixed evenly, just then raise it to the maximum and continue to stir the rice so that no one sticking at the bottom of the frying pan. Do this stage for a while enough 2-3 minutes. Then slash a little sesame oil and give a sprinkling of fried chopped garlic, for the Oriental style Nasgor. Raise and services directly, yes. Delicious!

4. Topping

Fried rice with extra toppings such as shrimp, seafood, squid, abundant meatballs will make you kneel and devouring ferocious. While if the fried rice is only decorated with pieces of sausage and meatballs, you will usually only look at them in the eyes. So the fried rice is delicious and ideal is fried rice with seafood stuffing, all meats, all meatballs, all sausages, beef or omelet eggs, as well as shrimp crackers.


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