Is Cranberry Juice Good For You?

Is Cranberry Juice Good For You

Is Cranberry Juice Good For You? - Cranberry fruit has a fairly high acid content; it is found to contain a myriad of benefits. Cranberry goes into one of the healthiest fruits. Cranberry is rich in vitamins and fiber which is good consumed when we are maintaining diet.

Here are 5 great benefits of cranberries that we must know:

1. Avoid urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections become one of the diseases that are easily infected by women. Cranberry has a substance called proanthocyanidins which is useful to avoid humans from urinary tract infections. To experience this benefit, we should not add too many other ingredients while processing this cranberry. If we consume it by making juice, be sure to use additional ingredients as little as possible. This will make the benefits of cranberry more effectively perceived by the body.

2. Prevent age-related illnesses

Humans are prone to disease with age. The free radical substances that exist in the body are increasing so as to make them prone to disease such as cancer, diabetes, and indigestion. 
Antioxidants in cranberries can help prevent these diseases from coming. Antioxidants in cranberries also do not disappear when the fruit is processed into juice. The benefits of cranberries can still be felt though plus some other ingredients during their processing.

3. Maintain cardiovascular health

Cranberry is useful for improving cardiovascular health, especially for those with coronary arteries. Cranberries can reduce arterial stiffness due to this disease.

4. Maintain health after menopause

When women stop getting menstruating or experiencing menopause, they will be more susceptible to illness. Diseases that they generally suffer relate to heart health. 
The risk of women who have experienced menopause to suffer from heart disease is apparently greater than others. Cranberry, with its antioxidant content, is able to reduce the risik of this disease.

 5. Reduce bad cholesterol

Cranberry is also useful for enhancing antioxidants in the blood. If consumed routinely, cranberries are able to lower bad cholesterol in the body. 
Declining bad cholesterol is influential in the prevention of other harmful diseases. People will not be easily exposed to diseases such as the heart or diabetes.
The cranberry flavor is not as good as the other fruit. However, this fruit has great benefits to prevent various diseases.

Here’s how to make cranberry juice recipe:(is cranberry juice good for you?)


  1. 100 GR Fresh Cranberry
  2. 1L Cranberry Juice
  3. 400 ml grapefruit
  4. 2 lime, thin cut into round slices
  5. Ice cubes


  1. Pour cranberry fruit, cranberry juice, grapefruit, and lime slices in large containers.
  2. Add ice cubes, and stir until evenly.
  3. Pour into glass

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