fruit salad ice cream

Lazy breakfast or don't have time to prepare it? Hmm, it's time to change this habit. For you who want to avoid the problem of obesity, choose healthy, nutritious and practical breakfast menu to make. Fruit Salad Ice cream can be one of the references of the breakfast menu is light and refreshing.

During this time, the salad is known as a healthy food that is highly recommended for consumption by those of you who are in a diet program or used as a breakfast menu. The type is also varied, there are vegetable salads, and there is also fruit salad. Not only adults who will love this fruit salad, but kids will also definitely love this fresh and healthy dish.

To make a fruit salad, we need pear, green apples, red apples, grapes, ice cream cones, mayonnaise or yoghurt, melted milk, sugar, and apple vinegar.

How to make ice cream salad fruit is straightforward. Various fruits are used to cut into small pieces and mixed all. "For pear and apple chopped small dice. For wine is cut in half or four. Afterwards, it is mixed into all ingredients with mayonnaise, liquid milk, and others. Stir until evenly and pour the fruit salad into the cone of ice cream".

Here is a practical breakfast menu that you can try to make at home, Fruit Salad Ice Cream Cone.


  • Apple fruit
  • Melon Fruit
  • Watermelon Fruit
  • Jelly or gelatin fruit flavour
  • Ice Cream to taste
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cheese


  • Cut all fruits and jelly with the dice shape. Then separate all the ingredients in one unique bowl.
  • Then add sweetened condensed milk to taste.
  • Put the cheese grater to taste.
  • Add mayonnaise above the fruit, and then sprinkle cheese on the mayonnaise.
  • Enter 1 scope ice cream topped.
  • Now fruit Salad Ice Cream can already be served.

For the record, for the fruits mentioned above, you can replace them with other fruits according to their tastes, such as bananas, grapes, strawberries or other fruits. It also applies to the taste of Ice Cream that you use.

It's easy and practical, right? So, there is no more reason to miss breakfast.


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