3 Pineapple Juice Benefits

Pineapple Juice Benefits

Pineapple Juice Benefits - Pineapple is the name of the fruit that is unique in shape and has a round oval with the thickness of its scales and a green part that looks like a crown. The outside is protected with pretty thick skin and bright yellow fruit flesh. Pineapple is a tropical fruit that tastes sweet, sour, and refreshing. With such flavor, the fruit is often processed into various foods and drinks. Many foods and beverages are made from this one fruit.

Pineapple can be processed in a variety of ways. It can be immediately eaten, transformed into a fresh juice, or for a mixture of cuisine. One of the most popular is pineapple juice. It makes it easy, tastes good, and has a variety of healthy benefits. This fresh dish has many benefits for the health of the body. It is also suitable for you who are undergoing a diet program because the content of nutrients in it can lose weight. Also, pineapple juice has many benefits that can maintain the immunity of the body, acting as an anti-inflammatory substance, to improve digestive health.

Here are 3 pineapple juice benefits for body health:

1. Preventing cancer 

Quoted from healthline.com, studies show that the content of bromelain in pineapple has the potential to act as an effective cancer-fighting agent. In particular, bromelain can work in conjunction with chemotherapy to suppress the growth of cancer cells.

2. Preventing asthma 

Pineapple has a fairly good beta-carotene content. Some studies refer to the beta-carotene in pineapples, reducing the risk of asthma caused by excess exercise.

3. Reduce the risk of heart disease 

Pineapple can also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. It is thanks to the very high content of vitamin C in pineapple. It is highly recommended to consume pineapple regularly to get maximum results. 

To make the pineapple juice is straightforward. You can make it yourself with a little material and equipment. However, you should also be selective in selecting the pineapple fruit to be used. 
Choose a fresh ripe pineapple (not harmful) to make the result very delicious. For that, we are voyeur about how to make delicious and healthy pineapple juice for all your family.

Here's how to make pineapple juice recipe:


  • 250 Gram fresh pineapple fruit.
  • Sugar to taste.
  • 3.200 ml of boiled water.
  • Ice cubes as needed and destroy the ice.
  • Sweetened condensed milk white sufficiently.


  1. First, peel the skin of the pineapple fruit until clean. Then wash clean with water.
  2. Next slice or cut the meat of pineapple fruit that has been clean.
  3. Pour enough water to mature in a blender. Then followed by adding granulated sugar.
  4. Do not forget to add also sweetened condensed milk of garlic.
  5. Close the blender and blender until it is smooth with high speed.
  6. Prepare the glass, then enter the ice cubes and pour the blend into the glass.
  7. Stir briefly until cold and pineapple juice is ready to be served.

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