Fruit Salad Cream Cheese Recipe

Fruit Salad Cream Cheese

Fruit Salad Cream Cheese-In addition to a vegetable salad, and you can also present a fruit salad dish recipe at home with the following procedures:

Ingredients Fruit Salad Cream Cheese:

  • 1 Pack Nutri Jell
  • 1/4 kg of Grapes
  • 1 Pear
  • 1/4 Pieces of melon
  • 2 red apples
  • 1/4 Watermelon
  • 1 Mango
  • 2 kiwi Fruit 

Ingredients Of Salad Sauce:

  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 cup yoghurt
  • 100 gr Mayonnaise
  • 100 ml sweetened condensed milk white 

Preparations to make a fruit salad cream cheese:

To start this step, we will first make the jelly as the stuffing material from the fruit salad this time.
The way in important takes precedence because the jelly needs to be mature and dense when used as a mixture as a salad stuffing this time.

As for the making of jelly, this time is to prepare a pan, then insert the jelly Nutri Jell into it and put a little sugar and stir this dish to be evenly distributed.

Simmer using moderate heat until cooked. Then give the food dye different according to taste. Insert each colour in a rock block mould.

Put in the fridge and let it stand up to jelly so, then set aside temporarily and you will be able to prepare the fruits for the dish this time. Start by peeling the red Apple by using a knife and cut it in small size. Put in a container and set aside while this ingredient.

Once done, then peel the mango evenly and cut it with a dice shape and separate it in another container. Likewise for pear, clean, peel and cut into pieces and separate.

When it is finished, then you will be able to peel the melon evenly. Cut back and put in containers before mixing into other ingredients. For the grapes please fill and discard the seeds and put them in a box and set aside evenly.

The kiwi fruit can be cleaned and cut in small sizes. Then put in a container and set aside temporarily before mixing with other ingredients evenly.

How to make sauce of the salad:

Once the fruits have been prepared than the next step you need to make is the sauce of the salad. This will make it by setting up a container or bowl with a medium size.

Put into it mayonnaise along with creamer and stir evenly until blended evenly. After that, just enter yoghurt and honey and stir again until all these ingredients are fused.

Check the taste is fitting or not, if you feel not sweet or not too creamy, then the way is to add more creamer according to your taste.

Stir again evenly. Then prepare a bowl with a large size and put the fruits into it evenly. Then mix it into one and give it as a salad dressing on it evenly. Stir using a large spoon and make sure all these ingredients are blended evenly.

To give a more attractive flavour and look you will be able to pour sprinkles grated cheese topped evenly.

Put it in the fridge before being enjoyed so that the dish tastes more delicious.

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