Best Vegetable Salad For Lunch

Vegetable Salad For Lunch

Vegetable Salad For Lunch is one of the food menus which are very liked by all circles. Because this food menu is very healthy and often used as compulsory food for those who are having a diet because of the content of fruit and vegetables in it. The fresh taste is also an excess of this one food.

Vegetable Salad is a type of dish which is mostly made of some kind of vegetable and extra dressing (oil or vinegar). Generally, vegetables that are in a vegetable salad are fresh or raw, but some are used ripe vegetables.

Several types of vegetables are commonly present in vegetable salad recipes, namely cabbage, mustard greens, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, paprika, zucchini, beetroot, and carrot. There are also vegetable salad recipes that add some kind of staple food or animal side dishes to add to their nutritional value.

Staple foods can be added to the recipe for vegetable salad, such as pasta, bread, and potatoes. There is also a vegetable salad that adds a meat side dish such as fish, seafood, chicken, meat, and more.

When running a diet program, eating healthy foods is a must. Salad is a type of healthy food that often consumed people while dieting. If the food is delicious, you are sure to have a dieting spirit. The following salad recipes can be a selection menu of your days.

Salads are also identical to sauces, especially mayonnaise. The salad without mayonnaise feels a little less complete because mayonnaise can add a sour and sweet flavor to the salad.

You can also make your salad at home, no need to spend a lot of costs, healthy groceries are easy to find and cost-efficient. Its diverse type makes you unbored when you want it. 

Salad of this one uses vegetables as its main ingredient. For those of you who do not like vegetables, you can try this salad to meet your body's nutritional needs. It tastes so fresh, and indeed you love it.

Here's how to make vegetable salad for lunch:


  • 1 piece of carrot to taste
  • 1 bunch of lettuce
  • 1 fruit sweet corn, thresh out
  • 10 pieces of baby beans
  • The cauliflower is sufficient
  • Cheddar cheese to taste
  • Thousand Island sauce to taste
  • To taste mayonnaise


  • Wash, cut, and boil all vegetables, except lettuce
  • Tata lettuce on a plate then put sweet corn on it. Give slices of carrot and baby beans. Last place cauliflower on it.
  • Flush with mayonnaise and thousand island sauce to taste.
  • Sprinkle with shredded cheese to taste.

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