How To Make Blueberry Juice

How To Make Blueberry Juice

How to make blueberry juice - Blueberry is a small ball-shaped fruit that has benefits for the health of the body because it has high antioxidant.

Blueberry Fruit

Here are blueberry juice benefits: 

1. Increase endurance

According to a study, blueberries have more antioxidants than vegetables and other fruits. This antioxidant is good for endurance, by neutralizing free radicals due to toxins or cigarettes. The benefits of this antioxidant result from blue-producing pigments in blueberries. 

2. Brain stimulation

Diligent eating blueberries can make the brain work more active and smarter. The results of the study also said that the habit of eating blueberries could increase memory later.

3. Suitable for dry skin

In the realm of beauty, blueberries donate one of the other essential benefits of smoothing the skin's texture. It's easy to mix two teaspoons of blueberries with brown sugar and three tablespoons of lemon juice.

4. It helps to sharpen eyesight

The consumption of two blueberries every day will avoid the risk of decreased vision in the eyes due to age increase. 

5. Heart-healthy

Blueberry contains good ingredients for cardiovascular health. With the consumption of five to six pieces each week, it will help lower the risk of contracted heart attacks.

6. Lower blood sugar

Blueberry fruit is a fruit with a low glycemic index, which is suitable for blood sugar regulation, especially for those with diabetics. Consume five of these pieces every day, and you will feel positive benefits on the body.

7. Preventing cancer

Diligently consuming half a cup of blueberry juice every day, the content of anthocyanins can prevent cancer. 

8. Preventing infections in the urinary tract

Like cranberry fruit, blueberries are also useful for preventing bacteria or bladder infections. 

9. Eliminate fat in the stomach

With the polyphenols found in it, blueberry efficacious reduces excess fat around the stomach and reduces problems on the body's metabolism. Due to its low-calorie content, this fruit is good for you to consume for those of you who are undergoing a diet program. 

10. Treating cellulite.

Raw blueberries contain four grams of fiber. The fibers that are inside are more easily absorbed compared to the water, though. 

Here's how to make blueberry juice:


  • 100-gram Blueberry
  • 100 gram Purple Wine
  • 2 pieces of ice cubes
  • 100 ml of ice water
  • 1 tbsp honey


Blend blueberries, purple grapes, honey, ice cubes, and ice water. Process until soft and lift. Prepare a cup of food and ice cubes to taste. Pour the juice into the glass and serve immediately to two servings of blueberry juice.

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