7 Orange Juice Benefits

Orange Juice Benefits

Orange Juice Benefits-Oranges are one of the famous fresh fruits and have many benefits, and then what are the health benefits of grapefruit juice? The health benefits of orange juice can be felt due to considerable nutritional content.

The following 7 Orange Juice Benefits for your body:

1. Maintain blood pressure levels 

Orange juice is an excellent drink for people with high or low blood pressure.
This delicious beverage contains a large amount of magnesium that has the extraordinary ability to restore the disturbed blood pressure levels to the normal range.

2. Boosts the immune system

Vitamin C content that is in orange juice, can withstand some diseases such as flu and colds, boosting the immune system.

3. Healing

One of the main health benefits of orange juice is its healing properties.
Oranges contain flavonoids, which are anti-inflammatory compounds.
Flavonoids work amazingly to treat arthritis and heal stiffness as well as pain.

4. Preventing cancer

Citrus consists of things known as D-limonene, which is an efficient agent against skin cancer, breast cancer, oral cancers, colon cancer, and lung cancer.

5. Decrease body weight

Many people believe that drinking grapefruit juice regularly helps reduce weight.
This is because citrus fruits are full of antioxidants that act efficiently to lose weight.

6. Reduce the risk of heart attack

Hesperidin is a substance that protects the arteries from clogging by improving the health of nearby cells.
Oranges contain a sufficient amount of hesperidin, so drinking a glass of fresh orange juice reduces the risk of a heart attack.

7. Create beautiful and youthful skin

The antioxidant properties of citrus make the skin fresh, beautiful, and youthful-looking by preventing the effects of aging.
Also, antioxidants with a combination of vitamin C, protect skin cells from being affected by free radicals.

A. Orange Juice


  • Two ripe citrus fruits
  • 80 ml of liquid sugar, mineral water to taste
  • Ice cubes as needed
  • Blender Machine


  1. Wash all ingredients and peel the skin.
  2. Mix all into the blender and process until smooth.
  3. Filter the next pour into the glass. Serve immediately.

B. Orange Juice Squeezed


  • 5 freshly pressed citrus fruits
  • Ice cubes to taste
  • Boiled water to taste
  • 35 ml of liquid sugar
  • 25 ml white sweetened condensed milk


  1. Before the process of grapefruit into orange juice, make sure that the orange you choose is ripe and has a sweet flavor. Ripe oranges are characterized by the yellow-orange skin color and the surface of the shiny skin. The smell of orange is also very fragrant, as well as a slightly more soft orange texture.
  2. Divide the orange into two equal parts.
  3. Take the orange blender and juice until the water comes out and in the glass blender.
  4. Use a sieve to separate the orange juice and orange beans. The citrus seeds that contribute to the bitter taste will undoubtedly spoil the flavor of orange juice later.
  5. In the glass blender, then input other ingredients such as yellow water and liquid sugar. Turn the mixer and puree the ingredients together and gently.
  6. Pour the orange juice that has been in the blender before the Cup. Add the sweetened condensed milk-white and ice cubes to taste. Squeezed orange juice is ready to be enjoyed for your family

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